Nose Dive: Funny One Minute Christmas Party Game


Nose Dive is a very popular minute to win it game and is best suitable for any kind of parties. You can also play it as a funny One Minute Christmas Party Game or even as a ladies kitty party game. In this challenge, the contestant has to shift the cotton balls from one bowl to another using his/her nose. You need many cotton balls, two bowls and a petroleum jelly to play this game. The best thing is that you don’t need to do any homework to arrange this game in your Christmas party.

Funny One Minute Christmas Party Game

nose dive Funny one minute christmas party game

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Keep the cotton balls in a bowl and also keep another empty bowl on a table. Call the player in the playing area and adjust your stopwatch to one minute. As the time starts the contestant has to start transfer the cotton balls from one bowl to the other one using their nose. For this, they have to apply the petroleum jelly on the tip of their nose as a transfer agent. The game is not as easy as it seems because, applying too much of jelly will make it difficult to release the cotton ball and too little may make it difficult to hold the cotton ball. And thus, the players have to be very careful about applying the jelly.

This is a funny one minute Christmas party game and thus the players will get only a minute to transfer the cotton balls. The contestant who transfers the maximum number of cotton balls in a minute will be the winner. The game is also suitable for kids and you can keep it as a birthday party game also. Kids would surely love applying the petroleum jelly on their nose tip and then transferring the cotton balls. Nosedive is a perfect game for Indian ladies kitty parties also.

Watch the game video here


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