Funny Party Games – Fun With Alphabets


Funny Party Games . This is a very interesting and funny game for adult kitty party. We can name it as alphabet game. It is a simple fun game for kitty party and all you need is 52 brown paper bags or big envelops. You can play this fun game in ladies kitty party as well as in your couple kitty party. Separate the kitty members in two groups.

Funny Party Games With Alphabets

In every brown envelop or bag, whatever you take put some small items whose name start with alphabet A, B, C…..etc. You can put Anklet, Bàbeads etc…Mark the envelope with same letter.

Seal pack the envelops and keep all of them on table in front of each team. Time starts and members from every team will come one by one and take the envelope, guess the item inside it and write it down on a paper. This is a team game.

Team which give maximum correct name will win this game. This is an adult party game but can also be arranged as kids birthday party game.





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