Funny Adult Party Game With Cotton Balls

fun party games for adults indoors

If you are planning an indoor party with your friends, make sure that you plan and arrange some fun party games for adults indoors. Some interesting and funny games can bring fun and laughter in your party and will also help the guests interact well with each other. 

Clean and Fun Party Games for Adult Indoorsfun party games for adults indoors

This is a clean and pure fun adult party game to be played indoors. This is a cotton ball game for your adult kitty party or say couple kitty party. This is a cool and funny adult party game and I will name it as throw the cotton ball in partner’s lap.

To play this game in your couple kitty party, you need many cotton balls, one big spoon and two big balls.

This adult party game will be played with couples. Make the wife/female partner on a chair at a distance of 5 feet from the table where husband is standing. Blindfold the husband and start the time. 90 seconds is ample time for this adult party game.

Husband who is blind folded then have to put the cotton ball in the spoon and move ahead to the wife. Husband then has to throw the cotton ball in his wife’s lap.

To create the fun element in this adult party game, make the entire wife’s sit in a row. Fun creates when husband throws the cotton ball in some other’s wife’s lap. The wives will be seeing that the husband is playing wrong, but as per the rules, they can’t speak. If any wife speaks or helps the husband, that couple will be disqualified from the game.

You may also like to see other cotton ball games. Do let me know if you liked my ideas of fun party games for adults indoors and also feel free to leave a comment if you didn’t. 

Keep Partying 🙂



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