Funny Movies Game In Hindi For Kitty Party

hindi movies game for kitty party

Today I am sharing a funny Hindi movies game for kitty party. We used to play this game in our childhood in the free class periods and today I find it suitable enough for the kitty parties too.

Hindi Movies Game For Kitty Partyhindi movies game for kitty party

Things Required

  • Print out of the game sheet shown above
  • Pens

How To Play

  • Give one game sheet to every member in your kitty party.
  • Explain them the game and give them one minute to complete the challenge.
  • This is a one minute party game where the members have to fill in the blanks and get the movies name correct.
  • The member who gives maximum correct answer will be the winner of this game.

Answers for the Hindi Movies Game For Kitty Party

  • कभी खुशी कभी गम
  • जाने तु या जाने ना
  • येस बौस
  • सलामे इश्क
  • इस रात की सुबह नही
  • ये है  मुम्बई   मेरी जान
  • मसान
  • तनु वेड्स मनु
  • तेवर
  • बदलापुर
  • दिल    धड्कने     दो
  • एक   पहेली   लीला
  • मै  तेरा    हीरो
  • तमाशा
  • गुडडू   रंग़ीला
  • हीरोपंती
  • सरकार राज
  • हिम्म्तवाला
  • ये जवानी     है      दीवानी





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