Fun Family Games : Games for Picnic

Fun family games
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All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Whether you are sitting on the dinner table or hanging out with your family in a picnic, playing fun family games is always a great idea. Today I am sharing two of the very interesting family games in my list. This is a simple but very entertaining and funny game to play.

Fun Family Games For Picnic

Ball In Straw

This is a fun family game to be played in a picnic or some family gatherings. However you can play this game in your ladies kitty party, couple kitty party or even in kids birthday party but it brings great fun when played with complete family. You just need a few straws and ping pong balls for this game. Call the families in the play area and give one straw to each member and 5 balls per family. The task is to shift the ball from one basket to other using the straws. It is a kind of relay race. Make a family stand in a line and first member will pick the ball from basket using the straw and pass it to next member’s straw. No player can use their hands to shift the balls. The image below will make the game clearer. The family shifting all 5 balls first will be the winner of the game.

Fun family games
Image Courtesy: Zenglik

Balloon String Fun family Game

funny family games

This is one of the most entertaining fun family games for outdoor picnics. This family game is to be played with big yellow balls. All members should stand in a row and first member will pass the ball over her head to the member standing behind her, second member will pass the ball to next member between her legs, then again above head and so on. The last member is supposed to run in front again and pass the ball in the same way. It is a one minute game and the family who completes maximum number of rounds will be the winner of this game.

I hope you liked these fun family games ideas. Besides being fun, these fun family games gives you a little extra face time with your kids and family. 



  1. Hey shivani.. Can you help with a game or two for 75th bday party of my Nana.. it’s an outstation gathering of approximately 30-40 ppl… waiting to here from you… Also anything special that can be done for 75th bday…


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