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exciting game for teenagers

This one is an exciting game for teenagers. May it be a birthday party or some team building activity on a picnic, this game is one of the best games for teenagers. You need a few bungee chords and a few balls for this game and nothing else.

Exciting Game For Teenagers

exciting game for teenagers

Get a shock chord and wrap it around every player’s waist, you better tie a slipknot and tie other end to a pole. Make sure it is tied very firmly for safety reasons. Keep some balls in the middle and the challenge for the players is to grab as many balls as they can from the middle and collect them in a box kept back at their pole. The players can pick any colour balls but the only rule is that they can take only one ball at a time.

To make this exciting game for teenagers harder, you can draw a circle in the middle and keep the rule that any balls outside the circle are dead and players can grab the balls only from the circle. Also make the players wear socks to play this game as it may reduce their grip on floor and make the game even harder.

If you have many teens in your party to play this game, you can take out a random draw to select the 4 players, OR you can also divide them in teams and take one player from each team to complete this challenge. The player who grabs and collects maximum number of balls in the box will get a point for the team.

It is always better to experiment any game at home before you plan it for an event. So test the game at home before you plan it for any of your event. However, you can also use the simple ropes to play this game but using the shock chords will make it a more exciting game for teenagers. You can get those shock chords easily on ebay. Although the game is tested and proved to be exciting by Nate from Stay On Target, I would recommend you to play it at home before planning for your events.


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