Couple Party Games : Best Game For Republic Day Kitty Party

couple party games

Couple party games. This is a simple game but goes well with the theme of Republic Day kitty party. This game also goes well with the couple kitty party or even the ladies kitty parties.

Couple Party Games For Republic Daycouple party games

To play this game in your kitty party you just need the satin ribbons or Indian flag colors. Divide your kitty members in team or in pairs. If you are playing this game in your couple kitty party, call a couple to play this game. This is a one minute party game and couples will get one minute to complete the challenge.

Give each couple flag colored satin ribbons and the husband will get one minute to tie flag colored ribbons in sequence in wife’s hands. The score will be counted according to correct sequence of ribbons tied in wife’s hands.


    • Hey Nidhi, I am sorry but we don’t have any mughal theme tickets as of now but we can design one for you if you want. Do reply so that we can help you on time 🙂


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