Funny family Christmas Games: Plate the balls as many as you can


Funny family Christmas Games  can double the festive fun. This is however a new addition in my list of funny family Christmas Games but is very simple to play as well as to host. All you need for this party game are a few big size paper plates and a few small plastic balls. This is not a one-minute party game, but the player will get 12 balls to play this game.

Funny family Christmas Games

Funny family Christmas Games

To begin with this game, you have to call the players one by one and make them stand behind a table. Align 3-4 paper plates on the table and give 12 balls to the player. When the time begins, the player has to toss the balls on plates and the ball must stop on the last plate. Yes, it seems to be an easy game but is difficult to hold the ball on the last plate. The player who manages to hold the maximum number of balls in the last plate will be the winner of this game.

Just like all my other party games, this game can also be played individually as well as in teams. Making teams will save your time and also will avoid the boredom of other members of the family. If there are a few members in your family, you can play it individually. This is one of the simplest yet interesting Funny family Christmas Games suitable for Christmas party as well as other family gatherings. Its always fun to be with family but such party games can double the family fun. You can also play this game in your office parties.

Hope I am clear with the game, if not you can leave your comment below in the comment box and I will try solving your queries as soon as possible. Do share if you have more of Funny family Christmas Games. 

Have a good and enjoyable Christmas party with your family and friends.


    • Hey Meenu the player will throw the ball in such a way that it will first toss on the table and then on first plate, then second, then third and finally stays on the last plate. If you find it difficult, you can keep it as to stop the ball in any of the plates. Hope it helps.


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