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September 17, 2019

Chef’s Basting Set for Rs 699 Only

Are you looking for an oil spreading brush for your kitchen? This wonderful Chef’s Basting Set is probably one of the best things you could buy for cooking. A perfectly thin coat of oil is all you need for a delicious roasted poultry. Avoid applying too much oil, juices, and sauces on your recipes with the Chef’s Basting Set–a revolutionary kitchen tool that lets you baste like a pro. With very good ratings and reviews, this ultimate Chef’s basting set is available on amazon just for Rs 699.

Chef’s Basting Set

How to use Chef’s Basting Set

  • Use silicone brush for an even coating.
  • Squeeze brush to draw up oil
  • Fill jar with your favorite oil or basting sauce
  • oil spreading brush

Click Here to Buy Chef’s Basting Set

Product Description

  • Made of food-grade silicone, the Chef’s Basting Set allows for even and thin coating.
  • With a high quality glass jar, you can even throw it in the microwave and melt some butter to brush onto your freshly baked bread or pastries.

Now, one-handed brushing to meat comes easy as 1-2-3. Simply do the following steps:

1) Fill jar with your favorite oil or basting sauce.

2) Squeeze brush to draw up oil.

3) Use silicone brush for an even coating.

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