Bridge The Gap Minute To Win It Game

bridge the gap minute to win it game

Bridge the Gap is one of the most difficult minute to win it game I’ve seen. Played with playing cards, this is game can be categorized as best office party games, ladies kitty party games or some other parties with adults.

Bridge The Gap Minute To Win It Gamebridge the gap minute to win it game

In this challenge, the contestant has to make a bridge of playing cards from one book to other. Yes, you read it right. This is an individual game and you have to call the players one by one to play. If you have more members in your ladies kitty party, you can divide them into teams and call one member from each team.

Things required- Two thick books and a pack of cards

How To Play- Keep the two books at a distance and call the player to the playing area. This is a minute to win it game and thus the contestants will get only a minute to complete the challenge.

The image above will help you getting an idea on playing this game. Hope this game is clear enough to be played in your ladies kitty parties. Do let me know if you have any kind of doubts in this game or any other party games here on my website.


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