Bridal Shower Games : Scavenger Hunt


Bridal shower games. This is one of the most common bridal shower games I have ever played. No matter your guests are traditional or raunchy, you have to include some interesting bridal shower games to make your wedding shower interesting.

So here is a simple yet entertaining bridal shower game. Before you start with the game, make a list of items you will call out. You can include the basic items as well as some typical items in the list. For example, lipstick, hair brush, keys are some basic items and the typical ones will include condoms, contraceptive pills, a picture of beloved etc. bridal shower games

Now to start this bridal shower game, the host will start calling out the items one by one and the guest who pulls the object first from her purse will get a prize. Yes you have to arrange many gift items for this bridal shower game but then again, you have to make your wedding shower a hit


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