Brainteasers # 3: Solve The Following Word Puzzles


Brainteasers are the best way to play with and have fun with your brain. Moreover these brainteasers can make your brain sharper. I must tell you that these brainteasers for adults can also be used as the paper party games for your kitty parties or the office parties.

 Brainteasers # 3

Brainteasers For Adults
Click on the image to enlarge

Try solving these brainteasers and leave your answers in the comment box below. I will post the answers in a week.



  1. hello i want sum interesting kitty party games for my family party n d party in at the weekend so plz suggest me sum games

  2. hi shiwangi,

    i need some interesting theme for my kitty at the end of this month and the games for the same tooo….. please suggest me….


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