Brain Teasers # 9 : Tease You Brains

brain teasers # 9

Brain Teasers # 9. After a long gap I am again here with a word puzzle for you all. I found this word puzzle while browsing over the web and couldn’t resist myself to share it here in my website. I have already listed the –

and now its the  turn of

Brain Teasers # 9

brain teasers # 9

Solve these word puzzles and check if you are genius or not. Guess the word shown in the image above. Let’s see how many of you are genius enough to answer these puzzles. When I saw this puzzle on the web, honestly I didn’t answer 3 of the 6 puzzles stated in the image above so I don’t count myself as a genius, but all my readers and friends over here are really genius and I am sure you will be able to answer these.

Post your answers in the comment box below . All the best.




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