Birthday Party Ideas and Themes For Girls

birthday party themes and ideas for girls

Girls are sweet and have their own different kind of interests and hobbies, very different from that of boys and thus one need to be very choosy and careful while selecting a birthday party theme or idea for a girl. While boys always like to play with and talk about the superheroes, cars, cartoons, sports etc, girls are often seen more in love with dolls, princess, music, fairy tales etc. In this post we will learn about some best birthday party ideas and themes for girls.

Birthday Party Ideas and Themes For Girlsbirthday party themes and ideas for girls1. Pretty Pink Theme Birthday Party:

Pink has always been considered as a girly color and most of the girls like pink so it is always a great idea to throw a pink pretty theme birthday party for your princess. You can keep the dress code pink, decor the party hall with pink flowers, pink balloons, paper ribbons and cutouts and more. For games you can consider some cute nail paint games for your little gorgeous guests.

2. Frozen Theme Party:

Though this theme will not suit the winters months, but is certainly a great theme for birthdays in summers. You can decor your party hall with aqua blue color and also get some frozen decor items. For games you can keep the frozen coins, frozen grapes, frozen shirt or marble picky. 

3. Garden Theme Birthday Party:

You can take all your little princesses to a good flowery garden and arrange some garden theme games for them. The dress code could be pretty green or may be a floral print dress.

4. Movie Birthday Party:

This is also a good idea to celebrate the birthday of your little girl. You can take her and her friends to some animation movie or any movie of their choice. Get some tasty snacks for them in the intermission to make them happier.

5. Sleepover Girls Party: 

This is my personal favorite birthday party idea for girls. May it be the small little girls or the growing teenage divas, sleepover suits all. You can call the in their pajamas and arrange a fun filled pajama party for them with loads of fun games, dumb charades, nail art sessions, movie watching and much more.

6. Spa Theme Birthday Party:

How about calling the little girls adorned in their bathrobes for their personal spa party? You can arrange a foot massage or may be a pedicure and manicure for them. Give them a nice warm bubble bath and some fun games followed with tasty food items.

7. Fairy Tale Theme Birthday Party: 

Girls usually love fairy tales. You can make the birthday girl dressed as Rapunzel, Cinderella or may some other princess of her choice. Do plan some story sessions for the little divas or some fun games related to the theme.

8. Junior Master Chef Theme Party:

This is a very creative and productive party ideas. You can arrange some attractive aprons for the cute little chefs and teach them making cup cakes or may be some cooking ideas without fire. You can also arrange a cooking contest for them to double the fun.

9. Rain dance party:

Party in a foam filled pool or with a rain dance set up is something always loved by the kids as well as the adults, especially when it is a summer birthday party.

10. Runway Theme Birthday Party

How about getting the little divas dressed in a perfect Runway theme. Make a small runway for the divas to spread their glam. Little dolls walking on the ramp would certainly make your birthday party a hit.

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