Birthday Party Games For Boys


Birthday Party Games Boys. It is very difficult to select some really good and interesting birthday party games which can keep the kids engaged and also bring a fun quotient in the party. The task becomes really tricky especially when you have boys as your birthday party guests.

Boys are full of energy and thus a birthday party for boys has to be full of action and thrill. If your guests in the birthday party are boys, make sure that you select some really funny, action bases and exciting birdthay party games boys .

This article on kitty groups online brings you some exciting indoor birthday party games boys.

Birthday Party Games Boys

1.      Catch The Donutsbirthday party games for boys

To play this birthday party games, you need to hang some donuts to the ceiling using the strings. If you have a high roof then you can hang the donuts using some string or anything feasible. Now call the boys in the playing area and they have to eat the hanging donuts directly from their mouths. They can’t use their hands or anything else to get the donuts into their mouth. Keep the height of the donuts according to height of the boys in your party.

2.      Paper Roll Gamebirthday party games for boys

You will need many tissue paper rolls for this game if you want them to play it individually. I suggest you to make teams and call one member from each team. Insert the paper rolls in a rod and hold it from both sides. Now the boys have to pull the tissue paper till the role ends. The boy doing it first will win a point for his game. This is a simple but one of the funniest birthday party games boys.

3.      Water Balloon Relay

birthday party games for boys 2

If you have a spacious open area for your Holi party, this water game may suit you the best. The game might first seem to be very simple but creates a great fun when played with full energy and enthusiasm. To play this game in the birthday party, first divide the boys into two teams. Have the guests pair up within their team with a partner, back to back and linking arms. Place a water balloon between the two players. Have them carefully walk to a designated spot with a bucket. Together, they must get the water balloon in the bucket without popping it. After they run back, the next two players can go. The team with the most intact water balloons is the winner at the end.

4.      Stack Headbirthday party games for boys 1

This is a simple yet interesting game and as far as I know boys love playing this game. You just need a stack full of plastic glasses. It is a one minute game and boys will get a minute to stack the glasses as shown in the picture. The boys doing the maximum glasses will be the winner.

5.      Marbles Juglingbirthday party games for boys

In this game the boys have to do the marbles jugling with a spoon. Arrange a smooth surface table and inclice it a bit on one side. Call a boy from each team and give them three marbles and a spoon. To win this game the boy have to balance the three marbles on the table top for a minute. This game seems to be a simple one but is easier said than done.

The games described above are perfect birthday party games boys. These games will brings lots of fun and entertainment in your boy’s birthday party.



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