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Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain Tambola Ticket

bhabhi ji ghar par hain tambola ticket kitty

This is on demand. After getting so many messages and emails,  I have finally designed a bhabhiji ghar par hain tambola ticket. This tambola has to be played with the regular Tambola board and numbers. It has 4 small dividends and one house.

Bhabhiji ghar par hain tambola ticketBhabhiji ghar par hain tambola ticket

  1. Download the tambola ticket without number from below and get the printouts as per your strength in kitty party.
  2. Give one ticket to each member.
  3. You have to play this tambola with regular tambola board and numbers.
  4. The dividends in this kitty party tambola ticket are-bhabhi ji ghar par hain tambola copyY
  • सही ्पकडे हैं- When all numbers on bhabhi ji are cut
  • ससुरे न्योछावर ना करोगे का- When all numbers on daroga ji are cut
  • ओ बिटिया कैसन बा- When all numbers on amma ji are cut
  • आई लाइक इट- When all numbers on saxena are cut
  • भाभी जी घर पर हैं- This is a house and will be claimed when all numbers in the ticket are cut

This tambola game is suitable for Indian ladies who watch the Hindi tele serial Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain. All age group of ladies in an Indian kitty party would certainly enjoy playing this unique tambola game.

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    1. Just right click your mouse and click on save image as..the image will download on your phone or PC. Yu can also give us the order, we cahrge Rs 10 per ticket

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