Benefit POREFessional Review: Hide Your Facial Pores


So finally I decided to buy the Benefit POREFessional PRO Balm. I’ve never used any primer or makeup base before but now when I’ve turned 40, the small pores and fine lines have started appearing on my face and thus I decided to check out some good primer options. After a few suggestions from my friends, I settled on Benefit POREfessional Pro Balm, though it is way too expensive but once can’t take chance with facial skin right!

So, let’s start with the review-

Benefit POREFessional Review

Benefit claims that this PRO Balm minimizes the pores and fine lines appearance on your skin and yes it does what it says. The creamy and silky texture of this balm is easy to spread on face and actually covers the fine lines and pores. It is translucent and oil free formula makes it light. The cream actually gives a lovely smooth and velvety texture to my skin and gives instant results. Also, it makes my skin look one shade whiter to what it is.

The primer actually evens out the skin smoothly , hides your pores and line to around 80% and make the face look dent-less to some extent. It actually helps your makeup last for longer for that matter and thus it is one of my favorite cosmetic item now-onward. I have normal skin and I tried this on my niece too who has oily skin, and it suits best to the oily skin actually. Not sure about the effect on dry skin though.

So the summarized pros of Benefit POREfessional Cream

  • Does what it claims
  • Oil free thus suitable for oily skin
  • Makes skin look smoother and a shade whiter
  • Gives a natural king of smoothness
  • Comes in a cute small tube which is easy to carry in purse

Cons of Benefit POREfessional Cream

It’s hell of expensive. I bought a small 7.5 ml tube from a duty free shop at airport and it costed me 21 SGD which makes it around 1000 INR.

Should I buy it or not?

It is undoubtedly a nice cream to hide your skin pores and fine lines, especially for normal and oily skin. If you are okay with the price range I think you should buy it.

Check out my before and after picture to get the real view-



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