20 Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs For This Karva Chauth


After getting the huge love for my first collection of My Favorite  Mehndi Designs, many of my readers asked me to put some more of them. In this list of 20 mehndi designs I have included most of the Arabic Mehndi Designs.  Here are 20 of the most breath taking arabic mehndi designs that will tempt your heart and make your husband happy this Karva Chauth. Arabic Mehndi Designs getting popularity in the whole world day by day. These Mehndi designs are so simple, elegant and beautiful that every woman would love to use them in their hands and foots.

Kitty Groups Online brings for you latest Arabic Mehndi Designs Collection for this Karva Chauth.

Mehandi Designs 1
mehandi designs

Mehandi Design 2

mehandi designs

Mehndi Design 3

design 18

Mehndi Designs 4

mehandi designs

Mehndi Designs 5

Mehndi Designs 6

mehandi designs

Mehndi Designs 7

mehandi designs

Mehndi Designs 8
mehandi designs

Mehandi Designs 9

mehndi design 7

Mehndi Design 10

mehndi design 8


Mehndi Designs 11



mehndi design 9



Mehndi Designs 12mehndi design 10

Mehandi Designs 13mehndi design 11

Mehndi Designs 13mehndi design 12

Mehndi Designs 14mehndi design 13

Mehndi Design 15mehndi design 14

Mehndi Designs 16mehndi design 15

Mehndi Designs 17mehndi design 16

Mehndi Designs 18mehndi design 19

Mehandi Design 19mehndi design 20


Mehandi Design 20 mehndi design 17


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