21 Indoor Family Games For 21 Days of Corona Lockdown


Corona is spreading badly in our country and thankfully our government has announced a lockdown for 21 days and we are not allowed to go out. Lockdown technically means that everything will be closed, be it the offices, factories, small businesses, schools, colleges, cinema halls, restaurants, pubs everything. Some good and fun indoor family games can help you get out of the boredom in this tough phase.

This is the time when the entire family is home and no one can actually go out. Today in this post, I am sharing 21 simple family games for your 21 days of quarantine. You can play these games with your kids, family and add some fun in your boring quarantine period. Also, since everything is locked down and we have limited resources, I have tried to compile the simple games which require very fewer items.

21 Indoor Family Games For 21 Days Lockdown Period

  1. Dumb Charades- Fun Indoor Family Games

This is one of the most popular games and loved by almost every age group. If you are 4-5 members in your family, you can enjoy this fulfilled game. You do not really need to form the teams here, one person will give the movie name, another member will enact and the rest of the family has to guess. We won’t really have any winners or losers in this game but its a fun-filled activity to have in this tough time of lockdown.

2. Fruits and Vegetable Race- Simple game

This is a very nice, simple and entertaining game to be played with your family. You can play this game with a small or large group easily. You don’t need anything to play this game. Just call all your family members to the play area and make them stand in a line. Now one member who hosts the game will say some fruits or vegetable names randomly. The family members have to move two steps ahead when the host calls out a fruit name and move back two steps if a vegetable’s name is called. The employees who slip the count will be out of the game. The member who lasts till the end of the game will be the winner. This can be one of the simple and funny family games for lockdown.

3. Silly Story- Indoor Family Games For Lockdown

This is more like the old-school game telephone, but instead of telling something, we will be drawing something in this game. You just need a few pencils and a paper to play this game. First-person starting the game will make some figures on the paper which will be a part of some story. The second member will add some items to it and put in his/her part of the story. Try to make it funny and silly. In the end, everyone will tell their part of the story and you will get a silly and funny story. Nobody really wins or loses in this game its all about having some fun time with your family.

4. Step up his tail- Fun outdoor game for family

This is again a very funfilled activity to do with your kids and the entire family. You may need a spacious room for this game with no or minimal furniture, actually, the terrace or garden will be the best place to play this game.

Take the paper ribbons and make a tail of each member of the family. Make sure the tail touches the floor. Now ask everyone to come to the play area and the challenge is to step up another’s tail and break it. The member who has his tail till the end of the game will be the winner. This game is not suitable for the toddlers, they might get hurt.

5. Name Place Animal Thing

This used to be a very popular game a few years back but is lost now. You can take out the pends and papers again to play this game. It is a simple activity which can keep you busy for quite some time.

To play this game you need pens and papers as per the number of your family members. Give one paper and pen to everyone and write NAME, PLACE, ANIMAL, THING and MARKS as shown in the image below.

Now one member of the family will call out a letter and everyone will write one name, a place, a thing and an animal starting with that letter. As soon as anyone member completes all four, he/she will say stop and everybody will stop writing. Each item has 5 points- you will then calculate the points and write in the MARKS column. Then the other member will call out a letter and the game continues. Try this game and you will love it. It is one of the best indoor family games for lockdown.

6. Polo Tower

You need many polo candies to play this game. You can play this game around your dining table. Make everyone stand around the table and keep the polo candies on the table. Start with any one member randomly and ask him to keep a polo in the center of the table, and other members will stack the polo over than turn by turn. The one who breaks the tower will be out. You will get the winner in the end.

7. Burst the balloon

For this game also, you need a big space. A garden or a terrace would be ideal. Call all the family members on the dance floor and give them each a balloon. Ask everyone to tie the balloon in their feet. Start the music and make them dance. Now announce that everyone has to burst each other balloons while dancing keeping their intact.

8. Kings Cup

So this is basically a drinking game and supposed to be played with beer but in our family, we play it with Karela Juice, yes you read it right. We play it with karela juice and everyone who goes wrong has to take a sip of karela juice. There won’t be any winner or loser in this game but it is just for fun and to have some amazing time with your family or friends. It is one of the best family games.

You can play this game with cards or can download the app on your mobile phone. We play it with phones. So download the app and then each member will draw a card in the app one by one. Every card has its own task, the task may be for the player, for the person in his right or left or it could be for everyone too. Download the app Kings Cup and you will understand how to play it.

9. Pictionary

You can make some cards to play this game or can download the app on your mobile phone. We always prefer playing it with the app. In this app, one player will keep the phone on his forehead and any one member from the family will tap on the app to get the word. Now the game beings, all the family will do the actions and try to explain the word to the one who is holding the phone, and he/she has to guess the correct word. Once he guesses the correct word, the phone will shift to the next player and the game runs…there is again no winner in this game but it’s all for fun and trust me its an amazing and one of the best fun family games.

10. Family Ball Tossparty game for family picnic

Family Toss is a perfect party game for joint families with many members. To play this game with your family, you just need a good space and a few things. It is more or less a relay race to be played with cloth pieces. You can divide your family into teams first.

You need 4-5 pieces of cloth, 5-6 balls, and a bucket.

How to Play 

  •  Make sure that each team has an even number of members.
  • Call the teams to the play area one by one and ask them to make pairs.
  • Make them stand in a line as shown in the picture.
  • Give a piece of cloth to each member of the team and make them stand in a line.
  • Give 6 balls to the team.
  • The challenge is to toss the balls from one member to another using the cloth piece. Members are not allowed to use hands.
  • The member standing last in the line has to drop the ball in the bucket.
  • The team who finishes doing so with all the balls will be the winner of this game.

11. Spoons and Cards

All you need to play spoons is a deck of playing cards and some spoons. You will need one fewer spoon than you have people playing (so if you have 8 people playing, you need 7 spoons).

If you have a large group (more than 7 or 8) you will want to play with 2 decks of cards.

How to play and cards

Everyone sits around a table or in a circle on the ground. The dealer shuffles the cards and gives four cards to each player. The rest of the cards will be kept in the pile. Set the spoons (one less than there are players) in the center of the table or circle.

Everyone picks up their cards and looks at them. The game is all about making four similar cards in your hand. The dealer picks up one card from the pile to her right. She quickly adds the card to her hand and then discards one of her cards to the left, where the next person picks it up. Everyone has to decide very quickly which card to keep and which to discard.

The game continues around in a circle, with everyone picking up one card from the right (where another player has discarded it) and discarding one card to the left (where the next player can pick it up). As soon as someone gets four of a kind in their hand, they grab one of the spoons from the center. When one spoon is grabbed, all the other players also try to grab one of the remaining spoons.

12. Grab the gumball

You need Tennis rackets and Gumballs to play this game with your family.

How to Play this Funny Game For Family Reunion Grab The Gumball

  • The challenge here is to get the gum-ball from point A to point B by maneuvering the tennis racket with only your knees.
  • Call the players one by one to the play area and give them a tennis racket and a gumball.
  • They have to adjust it as shown in the images above.
  • The player who does it best and takes minimum time to do that will be the winner.

13. Cross-ball

This is an entertaining game to play with kids and everyone else in the family. You just need a football or a basketball for this game. Make everyone stand in a circle with their legs wide open. Make sure that all their legs are touched. Now give a basketball to one of the kids and he/she will try to pass the ball across the legs of anyone in the circle. If the ball is crossed from the legs, that member is out otherwise he will then try passing the ball across other members’ legs.

14. Uno

This is a classic card game that all families should own and play often. It can be a hilarious, competitive and frustrating game. The goal is to be the first player to discard all your cards.

The frustration comes when you have worked your way down to just a couple of cards … only to get hit with a “Draw 4.” The fun happens when a player gets skipped, reversed or causes another player to have to pick up more cards.

Uno is great for large groups of people. We’ve played with 2 decks of Uno cards and 12 people. It’s is a lot of fun for all ages.

15. Pin basketball

To play this game you need to make the basketball court as shown in the image below. You will play this with the pinballs instead of the basketball 😀 Instead of the baskets you will use the glasses. Give points to each glass and keep this board with a wall. Now make a line at a distance and members have to throw and try to basket the balls. In the end, you can calculate the points.

16. Get the balls

This is again a blindfold game wherein you will need many balls of different sizes and colors. First, divide the players into teams and blindfold everyone. You can play this game with all teams together or you can call the teams one by one to play the game, this is entirely up to you. Now throw all the balls on the floor and the task for players is to bend on their knees and find the balls. They won’t carry anything, so they have to adjust the balls in their hands, clothes or wherever they want. The team which collects the maximum number of balls will be the winner. To make this picnic game more interesting you can keep a certain number of points for each color of the ball.

17. I am

I am is a fun game for groups, which means everyone in the group can play this game at one shot. It is a fun game and will definitely create huge laughter and fun in your party. You can also play this game in any of your family gatherings too.

The best part is that you don’t need anything or any preparations to play this game. Just make everyone sit in a circle and start playing.

How To Play The Fun Game For Groups I am

Make everyone sit in a circle. The game starts with the first alphabet A, and everyone sitting in the circle has to say, I am..from the coming alphabets.

For example, person 1 started..I am Alone, 2nd person will say I am Bold, 3rd will say I am Clever…and so on. The person who uses the wrong alphabet or who takes time to say will be out of the game.

18. Who Said What

What you will need:

  • A hat, bowl, bucket or anything that can hold several strips of paper
  • Scrap paper
  • Scissors
  • Several writing utensils (trust me passing around one pen can get annoying)
  • Fun and open-minded people!

First things first, cut out 2-10 strips of paper per person (2 if you want a shorter game, 10 if you want the fun to last longer). Give each person their strips of paper and a writing utensil. Each person should write a fun fact, secret, or even fear they have. Make sure everyone is sitting away from each other, NO CHEATING! Once everyone is done put all the strips in a hat and mix them up!

Now comes the fun part! Take turns passing around the hat and reading one strip out loud. Have everyone guess who wrote the fact, this opens the room up for good conversation. Want to make this more competitive? Have everyone write their guesses down (make sure you number the strip to correspond with each guess). Once the game is over and the confessions are in, tally the correct answers up. Whoever guesses the most right is the winner!

19. Never Have I Ever

Make a circle of chairs in an open area and have everyone but one person sits down.  The one person not seated will stand in the middle.  They will start the game.  As the host, you could start the game.  You will share one thing that you have never done.  For example, “Never have I ever gone scuba diving.”

Anyone who HAS gone scuba diving has to stand up and move to another open chair in the circle as quickly as they can.  The person in the middle also sits down.  Whoever is the last person standing with no seat to sit in is the next person in the middle.  Play continues and they have to think of something they have never done.

20. Pantyhose Bowling

– 2 pairs of tights
– 2 tennis balls or 2 pairs of heavy winter socks
– 10 or more plastic bottles
– Rice or sand

– Place the bottles, filled with rice or sand, in 2 parallel lines (5 on each line)
– Insert one tennis ball or the winter socks inside one tights, and repeat with the others

Divide in two teams. Each member of the team will take a turn wearing the tights around its waist (or head)and hit the bottle down. The team which completes the round first will win.

21. Dancing Chain

You need just a music player to play this game. This is a dancing game and you have to make everyone stand in a circle to play the game. The first player starts with a simple dance move, the second player will repeat that move and add a new one and the game goes on. There will not be any winner or a loser in this game, it is just for some family fun time in this tough corona quarantine phase.


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