2 Best Valentines Day Tambola Games For Kitty Party


Tambola is an inseparable part of our kitty parties, be it any kind or theme kitty party. Today in this post, I will share 5 best Valentines Day Tambol Games For kitty party.

ILU Valentines Tambola

This is a very nice tambola game and suits the best to your Valentines Day kitty party. I have designed this tambola ticket and you can just download it and get the print-out from any nearby cyber cafe. The dividends in this tambola ticket are a bit different. We don’t have lines etc on this ticket. We have 8 dividends-

  1. Rose Day- First 7 numbers
  2. Propose Day: First 8 numbers
  3. Chocolate Day: First nine numbers
  4. Teddy Day: First 10 numbers
  5. Promise Day: First 11 numbers
  6. Wednesday, First 12 numbers
  7. Kiss Day: First 13 numbers
  8. Valentine’s Day and finally the full house that is 14 numbers

Basically 1-5th dividends are like lines and the rule is that f a member gets one line she won’t get another. They can then play for the houses which are 6-7 and 8th dividends. You can download the ticket image below without the numbers and ask the members to write any 14 numbers of their choice as I have written on the image above.

Naughty Love Tambola For Valentines Day

This is a special Valentine Party Game Tambola Ticket where you have to stick one simple ordinary tambola ticket in one corner as you can see in this picture. You can download this picture of Valentines Day Tambola Games from here and get your print outs from any cyber cafe nearby. Valentine Tambola Games

Well, let me now explain the game to you. This is a simple tambola game but with a twist. Distribute thetambola tickets to all the kitty party members and keep one Valentine tambola game with you (host). Now when you take out the numbers from the bowl, you have to speak them aloud according to the colors in the picture. Hope you are getting me.

Let me make it simpler-

If you take your number 51  you will speak it as Sweetheart Kiss and the players will cut the number 51

More examples of tambola numbers –

21 – Love with Smootch

08- Kiss me Heart

34- Hug with passion

89- Heart and Valentine

66- Darling Darling 

You can keep the dividend in this tambola as you wish. You can also add the conjunctions according to the words. For example when you call out 08 – You better say Kiss me heart instead of simple Kiss and Heart. This will create fun in your Valentine kitty party. Do let me know which one of these two Valentines Day Tambola Games did you like more.

Do check out my YouTube channel Kitty Groups Online for my kitty party games videos.


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