Roll A Valentine: Valentines Day Ladies Party Game

Valentines Day Ladies Party Game.

Valentines day is just around the corner and ladies are planning to throw a Valentines Day Theme Party. I have added many couple party games for Valentines Theme, but I am getting many messages and emails to add some Valentines Day Ladies Party Game.

Today I am sharing a party game best suitable for Valentines Day Ladies Party Game. I got this game while browsing over the web and so sharing it here with my loyal readers.

Valentines Day Ladies Party GameValentines Day Ladies Party Game.

This is a dice game and you need to make a Valentine heart with the help of a dice as shown in the image below.

Make all your ladies kitty party members sit in a circle and give them a paper each. Take a dice and a pen and give it to the member sitting first in the circle.

She will roll the dice and make the Valentine Heart parts as shown in the image. The member whose Valentine heart complete first will be the winner.




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