Tambola Games : Special Karva Chauth Tambola Game

Tambola Games . Karva Chauth is the latest theme presently for the ladies kitty parties. If you have a kitty party in this month, Karva Chauth is the best theme to arrange the kitty party games upon. Presenting you a specially created tambola tickets for the karva chauth theme kitty party.

Karva Chauth Tambola Games













This is a special tambola ticket designed in the shape of sieve used in Karva Chauth. The numbers would be written in the rim of the sieve. This specially created tambola ticket suits the best for your Karva Chauth theme kitty. The dividends in this special tambola can be set accordingly.

We will write different tambola numbers on the rim of these specially designed tambola tickets. The numbers would be written with 3 different colored sketchpens and you can keep them as three lines. Other dividends you can keep in this karva chauth tambola are – Early Five, BP, and Houses.

I hope I am clear enough with this karva chauth special tambola game. Do leave a comment if you have any doubt.

These Karva Chauth special tambola tickets are available for sale. Do leave a comment if you want to buy these special tambola tickets.


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      Hey Poonam sent you an email with the details to buy these tickets. Pls check and revert and thnq for liking my ideas. Keep visiting for more of such ideas and games.

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    hey shivangi the story idea for karva chauth tambola z great. please mail me the story as i am unable to download it. its urgent.

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      Hey Saprina thanks for the compliment. It feels so good to see that my readers love my ideas. Mailed you the story already, do let me know if you need any more help.

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