Balloon Toss – Couple Party Game For Holi Party

Whenever it is about Holi party games, the first few things which come in our mind is water, colors and fun. After a huge demand from my reader all over the world I am here with some more Holi Party Games, especially for your kitty party in the month of Holi.

Balloon Toss – Couple Party Game For Holi Party

This is one of the funniest games for couples in a holi party. This can also be played as a team but brings good fun if played in couples in a holi theme kitty party. 

balloon party games

For this game, all you need is a few water balloons. I agree that this is a simple game but creates fun if arranged well.

Make the couples stand at a distance apart and give them a water balloon each. All they have to do is to toss the balloons without making it fall. The couple who manages to do maximum tosses is the winning couple.

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