Who is this “Ek Din Ka Celebrity” Pehchan Kaun?

ek din ka celebrity

Recently came up with this hilarious incident on one of my FB groups and couldn’t resist myself sharing it here in my  blog.

Ek Din Ka Celebrityek din ka celebrity

This is a picture of a ‘Ek Din Ka Celebrity’ was recently spotted at Amer fort in Jaipur. People were getting clicked with this HUNK, especially girls and ladies but most of them didn’t know who this clueless personality was. The guy seemed to be some television actor. So here I am sharing this post with my readers worldwide to see if  we get an answer to our question. “Kaun Hai Yeh?”

This shows how we Indians follow the masses. Someone started getting clicked with this guy and the masses followed that unknown someone. While we tried searching this image in Google, we are sorry to say that even Google has no idea of this clue-less ek din ka celebrity.

Please do let us know if you identify this Television Actor 🙂


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