Valentine Games : Roll On With Bangles


One Minute Couple Party Games. This is a nice and interesting couple party game well suitable for your couple kitty party as well as for the new years eve party. The game is actually a twist in my old game Roller Pin and Bangles.  I made the game suitable for the Valentines party game by adding a little twist in it.

One Minute Couple Party Games With Bangles

one minute couple party gamesThe image above makes it all clear but as always I will explain how to play this couple party game in your couple kitty party. Call the couples in the party one by one to play this game. This is one of the simplest one minute couple party games where the couple playing has to put maximum number of bangles in the roller pin in one minute. Both husband and wife will be blindfolded for this game and husband will pass the bangles to wife holding the roller pin behind her back. The wife will then put the bangles in the roller pin. The couple who puts the maximum number of bangles in the roller pin will be the winner of the game.

It is a simple game but if you have any doubt, feel free to leave your comment below in the comment box and I will help you out.

Have Fun :)




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