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Valentine Games

Valentine Games . Here is a written paper party game specially for the couples kitty party. Today I am posting this game on a special demand from one of my very special and regular readers.

Valentine Games For CouplesValentine Games

This is a one minute paper party game ans suits best as the couple kitty party game. It is again very simple yet interesting game like my all other games in this website.

For this one minute paper party game, you need to make the couples sit together and give them one plane paper and pen. Now the game starts like this –

Wife will start telling a recipe and the husband will write it. They have just one minute to write the recipe. After one minute send the wives out of the party hall and if you have the couple kitty party in your house, just send all the wives in other room and give this new play sheet to the husbands.

This playsheet has a few questions which the husbands have to fill up in one minute.

Now if you are confused why did I kept the recipe section, my dear friends it was just to confuse the couple so that they cannot get any idea about the actual game .

Download the playsheet by clicking the link below.

[dl url=”” title=”Download Game Sheet” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]




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