Theme Party Ideas : Black and White Theme Party

black and white theme party idea

Theme party ideas . Today I am sharing a new and unique theme for ladies kitty party and that is a Black and White Theme Kitty Party. Sound’s interesting isn’t it? Yes it is a very interesting theme party idea for ladies kitty party or even for the couple kitty parties.

Black and White Theme Party Ideas

The Invitations for Black and White Theme Party : The invitations will obviously be black and white as well. For a fun twist, consider using black invitations and write on them with silver and white gel pens. The wordings can be

It is a Black and White Party

Forget the colors for some time

Squeeze in your blacks and whites

And get ready to drink and dine .

Dress Code for Black and White Theme Party :black and white theme party idea

Black and White would obviously be the dresscode for this theme party. You can also ask your guests to dress as heroes or villains of the black and white movies

Theme Party Ideas of Decoration for Black and White Theme Party

Consider making fake flowers out of tissue paper. Simply gather the paper in the center and secure with some black or white pipe cleaners, and you’ll soon have a bouquet to decorate the hall or use as a centerpiece on tables. Experiment with an accent color. Silver works best when working with black and white, but don’t let you accent color dominate your decor. Black and white balloons make perfect decorations since they are very noticeable and can be placed almost anywhere. A nice table centerpiece can be created by using black ribbon wound around white candles of varying sizes. Place the candles on a mirror and sprinkle black and white table confetti on the mirror. It will look fabulous! Cover tables with newspapers and hang black and white photos or posters on the walls.

Activities and Games for Black and White Theme Party Ideas

Game-1 Divide into two teams a black and a white. Blow up black and white balloons, fasten them to a board keeping colors mixed. Blindfold people. You must only hit your color. If white team members hit black they are out, and when black team members hit white the same result. Last person wins for himself or his and white theme party ideas

Game-2 Divide your guests into teams and assign them black and white colour in alternate fashion. Give them a box in which black and white beads are kept, all mixed up, a thread and needle. The teams which have been assigned the white colour will sift the white beads from the black ones and make a string. The team which makes the longest string of the assigned colour in the given time is the winner.

Game-3 The Writer : Divide the guests into teams. The players must compose a story of the newspapers headlines, suggested by the leader. The headlines are cut out of newspapers and pasted on the cards and given to the teams. The team with the best story in the shortest time is the winner .

Game-4 Tale Teller : Divide the guests in teams .The host reminds the team players of the plots of the well known fairy tales or movies and asks them to tell new versions of these tales (e.g in style of a detective story, love story, tragedy, etc). Give the teams a paper and pen to write down their innovative scripts.

Game-5 Ban the Colours : This is a paper game. Ask your guests that they have to ban all main colours and their hues, that they know for this party and write their names on the paper in five minutes. The guest who writes the maximum number of colours and their shades is the winner . As for the variation, you can ask the guests to write the maximum number of white and black things that they can remember on the paper from their household.

Ideas For The Menu For Black and White Theme Party : The food is challenging since party food tend to be colorful. So, you will have to break some rules. Include black and white chocolates or white cake with black chocolate icing for the dessert. To drink, serve black coffee, tea, white wine, milk, cola, or black cherry soda. Serve black foods on white plates and white foods on black plates.

Keep visiting for more of such interesting and unique Theme Party Ideas and Games.


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