Teej Tambola Tickets : Colourful Tambola Tickets

teej tambola tickets

Teej Tambola Tickets. Teej is around the corner and ladies want to throw a teek theme party for their friends. Presenting some specially designed teej tambola tickets for the Indian ladies who want to celebrate the festival of Teej with their friends and family.

Teej Tambola Tickets

Teej Tambola Tickets #1

This is a colourful tambola ticket designed specially for your Teej theme party. The lovely colors and the swing depicts the festivity of Teej which is a very renowned and important festival in India. This tambola game has 7 vertical lines as dividends instead of three horizontal lines as we usually play in the tambola game. Apart from these 7 lines you can keep full houses and even the early five, depending upon the number of prizes you have.
teej tambola tickets

Teej Tambola Tickets # 2

Apart from the swings and greenery kites have a very important role in the Teej celebration in India so our team has designed beautiful and colorful Kites tambola tickets for Teej celebration. This tambola ticket has three different kites as dividends, Happiness kite, Prosperity kite and Peace Kite. There is also a small Independence Day kite with a single number. You can adjust other dividends like early five and house according to your feasibility.


Teej Tambola Tickets # 3

This is a handmade tambola ticket for Teej celebration in India. These tickets show lovely small swings carrying a tambola ticket. This is a simple tambola ticket pastes on the swing and you can keep the dividends as per your choice.

monsoon theme tambola gamesThese Teej tambola tickets are available for sale. If you are planning to host a Teej Celebration in your club or society, these tambola tickets can help you making it a great one. Leave a comment below if you want to place your order for the specially designed teej tambola tickets.  Also do let me know if you have some other ideas for Teej celebration 🙂



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