Tambola Games : Poem Tambola Designer Tambola Tickets


Tambola Games : Tambola games are the most commonly used game in the ladies kitty parties , especially in India. Gone are the days when we used to play the traditional plain tambola games with normal housie tickets. I now have many designer housie tickets for your kitty parties.

Poem Tambola Games


These are specially designed housie tickets available in the packet of 30 pieces. The dividends in this special tambola game are according to the poem –

  • Bachpan ke suhane din (early five)
  • One two buckle my shoe (call made when numbers on 1,2 circle are cut)
  • Three four shut the door (call made when number on 3,4 circle are cut)
  • Five six pick up the sticks ( call made when number on 5, 6 circle are cut)
  • Seven eight lay them straight (call made when number of 7,8 circle are cut)
  • Nine ten a big fat hen ( call made when number of 9, 10 circle are cut)
  • My Poem is complete ( when all numbers are cut)

This special tambola tickets can be played in a family gathering, kitty party and club meetings. This special tambola game suits well for childhood theme, Jungle Theme and Cartoon Theme kitty party.

These specially designed tambola tickets are available for sale. Please leave comment in the comment box below if you want to buy these tickets.

Keep Playing.




  1. Hi Shivani….. I m planning a kitty party on 10th of dis month…. I want poem tambola tickets…25 in number….. Wat is the price and can I get these tickets before 10 th….

  2. HI shiwangi…..liked ur poem tambola a lot… Can I get these tickets before 10th of this month…what is the price for 25 tickets

  3. Hi shivangi… i like ur poem theme… From where i get these poem based tambola ticket.
    I am residing in Ludhiana, Punjab.

  4. hii shivangi…plz tell the cost of the poem tambola and high heels housie tickets…
    and need some ideas for variations in tambola and couple kitty games…

  5. Hi there. I really liked the concept, I would like to purchase such tickets. Are they available in Delhi or in NOIDA…

  6. Hello shiwangi, i want to buy these poem tambola tickets… 20 in number. Can you tell me the price. I want them in Varanasi.

  7. I dont know whether you recieved my earlier message or not i want to buy 20 of these poem tambola tickets.Please tell me the rates and if i can get these in Varanasi.


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