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 Are you planning to throw a lohri theme kitty party this month and want to buy tambola game ? If yes you are at right place. Check out these special designer tambola tickets which go well with the lohri theme kitty party.

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you can buy tambola game handmade lohri theme tambola tickets for your lohri theme kitty party. This tambola ticket is specially designed for ladies kitty party with punjabi theme plans.

You can see the lohri theme dhol, sadars and sardarni here as tambola tickets. These are designer tickets specially designed for lohri theme kitty party. The tambola numbers are written behind these designer tambola tickets. You can keep the dividends according to you and also the call out names. I suggest you to keep the dividends call out with some punjabi lohri songs such as Sundar Mundariye and all.

These handmade designer tambola tickets are available for sale and you can leave your comment below in the comment box if you want to buy tambola game for your lohri theme kitty party. We have many other designer handmade tambola tickets as well as printed tambola tickets for your kitty parties. If you want to make your kitty party a great hit and looking for some very unique tambola games, go for the handmade tambola tickets but if you are low at budget and want to get some different a theme based tambola games, printed tambola tickets is the bets option for you.

Do let us know what do you think about these designer tambola tickets and also let us know if you want to buy tambola game from our website. To buy tambola game from here, all you have to do is to leave a comment below in the comment box and our team will get in touch with you through your mail.

Happy Lohri 🙂




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