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summer activities for kids

Summer activities For Kids. Peak summers can be usually unbearable and when the days become hotter kids can’t go outside to play and parents are always busy in keeping their children entertained indoors. Finding entertaining indoor games for kids is actually a big challenge as kids always love to create a mess while playing.

If like many other parents you are also looking for the interesting and entertaining summer activities for kids, you have landed to right place. Check out the best entertaining summer activities for kids below-

Summer Activities For Kidssummer activities for kids

Marbles in Ice- You might need to do a bit of homework to arrange this game for your kids. Freeze around 100 marbles in ice cubes. You can place the marbles into the ice-trays and freeze them to get the frozen marbles. More are the marbles, greater is the fun in the game. When you are done with the frozen marbles, place them all in a bath tub or in a large tub. Give every kids a same sized cup and the task is to collect maximum marbles in their cups. They can use any idea to melt the frozen marbles faster. The child getting maximum number of marbles in the cup will be the winner of this game.

Ice cube hockey -If you are prepared to clean the mess created by the kids you will love this summer game for kids. You can play this game in any of your rooms with some empty floor space. You can play this game in the kitchen floor as well. In this game the kids simply have to play the hockey with the ice cubes and a plastic hockey stick. You can set the goal using some kitchen artifacts like two mugs or so. Children will surely love this activity for summers.

Avalanche -This could be one of the best indoor games for kids and I am sure that your kids will love playing this game in the sizzling summers. To arrange this game you may need lots of crushed ice. You can easily crush the ice using the 2 in 1 Hand Crank Portable Ice Crusher and Ice Bucket.  Now when you are ready with lots of crushed ice place it all in a large tub and hide some small baby toys in the crushed ice. The task for the kids is to search for the hidden small cars, plastic toys, army men, animals etc from the crushed ice. The child who performs the best will be the winner of this game.

It is always wonderful to see your kids happy playing the summer games or doing the summer activities. Try arranging these games when you are planning some summer activities for kids. You can check the detailed list of summer activities Here.



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