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St. Patrick’s Day Decorations . St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most popular festivals of Ireland falls on March 14, 2014. You need to be Irish to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day, you can always have fun in the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations which is full of food, music, parades and other festivities

If you are planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at your place this year you might be looking for some decoration ideas. Below are a few decoration tips to decorate your walls, door, and tables to ceiling. These tips may help you make your party space look fun-

St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

Be Green: St. Patricks’s Day’s staple color is green and adding this color in your decoration ideas is the best idea. You can decorate your room with green colored balloons and green paper ribbons. You can also bundle the balloons and make a flower. You can buy the St. Patrick’s Day Irish Shamrock Latex Balloons for this special day celebrations.St. Patrick's Decorations

Shamrock artifacts : St. Patrick’s Day is all about the luck of the Irish and you can use the shamrock decorations throughout your party space to give an Irish touch. The best popular idea is to use the Shamrock Light Set and Shamrock Wall Decorations. St. Patrick's Day decorations

If you do not want to spend money you can also make the Shamrock wall decorations using the green decoration paper. It might be easy but takes time. If you are making the wall decorations at home, make sure to laminate them to make them waterproof and sturdy.

Apart from the wall decoration pieces and lights, you can also use the IRELAND 3×5 IRISH with shamrock Polyester FLAG to beautify your party hall. This flag  is made of polyester material. It is a  great  St. Patrick’s Day Decoration item.St. Patrick's Day decorations

Other decorating item I would recommend for your St. Patrick’s Day decoration is Beistle 30300 Flame Resistant Metallic Shamrock Garland. This shimmering garland is sure to bring a gleam to your eye this St. Patrick’s Day! Use it to outline any item in your home, classroom or at patrick's day decorations 1

Centerpiece Idea. Another personal touch that you can give to your party is by the attractive centerpiece. You can use the black bowls to act as the pots and  fill your pots it gold chocolate coins. These gold chocolate coins are easily available at any party supply stores or grocery store.  At the end of your St. Patrick’s Day celebration you can ask your guests to take the leftover chocolate coins.


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