Popcorn Bucket: One Minute Game For Teams

one minute game for teams

We can’t really play the individual one minute party games when we have more than 10-15 guests in our party. It is always better to divide them into teams in such cases and play the one minute game for teams. Popcorn Bucket is a simple but nice game to be played with teams. This game can be played with both kids as well as the adults. You can play it with Marshmallows or popcorn, whichever suits you more.

To play this one minute game in your party, you just need an empty popcorn bucket and too many popcorns and yeah you have to be prepared for the mess in your room. “Grin”.

How to play Popcorn/Marshmallow Bucket Gameone minute game for teams

  • Divide the guests into teams and call the teams one by one to play this game.
  • Ask one member to sit down on the floor with the empty popcorn bucket on her/his head.
  • Make other members stand in a row at a set distance and give them the packet of popcorns.
  • The challenge is to throw the popcorns in the bucket from that distance.
  • The team who manages to put maximum number of popcorns in the bucket will be the winner.

Do make sure that the distance is same for every team and also the popcorn quantity. The team can decide themselves that which member will sit down with the bucket on her head. Also, they can plan their strategy to throw the popcorns. The rule here is that they can’t pick the popcorns from the floor.

This game is best suitable for all ages. You can play this with the kids in your child’s birthday party or even in your office party or with your girlfriends in a hen party or kitty party. I hope the game is clear to you all, do let me know if you have any doubts regarding this game.




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