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September 17, 2019

Picture Puzzle: How Many 3s Can You See On Mobile Dialing Pad

This is an observation skill test. You have to check the picture carefully and Count Number of 3s on phone screen. Do not include the 3 written in the question, you just have to concentrate on the mobile dialpad and count the 3s.

Count Number of 3s on phone screen dialpad

Count Number of 3s on phone screen

The puzzle was first appeared on a Facebook page long back and become viral. I actually counted 17 3s but that’s the wrong answer. See and count how many threes 3s can you spot in this dialing screen.

Leave your answer below in the comments and see how good is your observation skill.  The puzzle is about counting the numeral 3, so please don’t count the dots or the wifi signals 🙂

Check Answers Here

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