One Minute Paper Party Games : Guess The Hollywood Celebrity Spouse

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kitty party one minute paper games . In my list of paper party games, today I am adding another interesting paper party game. This game my however not suit those kitty party members who are not interested in watching Hollywood movies.

kitty party one minute paper games

kitty party one minute paper games

You just have to take the printouts of the game according to the strength in your kitty party Distribute them to the members and set a time limit. The members giving maximum correct answers in set time limit will be the winner of the game.

I agree that ladies in India are not very much into the Hollywood movies and thus this game might be a bit difficult for them to play and to guess the celebrity spouse. But then again, we also don’t want to keep it all easy everytime. There are times when we want to play some hard kitty party one minute paper games. Well if you want to make it easier you can write the spouse names also and keep it as a matching game where ladies can at least guess who is spouse of which celebrity.

Do leave a comment if you have any doubt regarding this game or any other kitty party one minute paper games. You can download the game sheet from the button below.

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