Hindi Paper Party Games : Have Fun With Numbers

paper party games

Hindi Paper Party Games . This is an interesting but simple paper party game for kitty party and suits best for the ladies kitty party. Ladies of every age group can play this game well in the kitty party.

Hindi Paper Party Games For Ladies Kitty Party

paper party games

This is a one minute paper party game and you just need to take the print outs of the game sheet to play this game in your kitty party. In the game above, there are a few fill in the blanks and the members have to fill in the numbers to complete the phrase.

You just have to add a number in the blank and thus one minute is a good enough time to play this paper party game.


24, 4, 10000000 (crore), 100, 9, 2, 4, 10, 10, 4, 9, 100, 4.

I hope I am clear with the game and if you have any doubt you can leave your comment in the comment box below. This is one of the simple Hindi paper party games and you can play this with any age group.




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