Paper Party Games – Brain Teasers 1

paper party game
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Men often crack the jokes on women’s intelligence and this the time to prove them wrong. LOL!

Just kidding!

Here I am with a new paper party game for your kitty party or say any other party. This paper party game actually has a few brain teasers. Some of them are simple to guess and some of them are difficult indeed. I tried to guess if first before uploading here for my online kitty members and honestly, I didn’t get all the answers right but I scored 6 out of  12. Let me see how much my kitties score here.

This can be a nice and interesting paper party game for your parties. I am sure the ladies will love playing this party game. You can also arrange it in your office parties, it will be a great fun ! Try It !

As always I am not posting the answers and you can get them in mail just be leaving a comment below in the comment box.

Here is the sheet of Brain Teasers (paper party game).

paper party game
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  1. Please inbox me the answers of the first brain teaser whose first question is “Which of these numbers is the odd one out”
    I need it urgently!!

    Thank you

  2. can you mail me this game for 2016 calendar?
    I have my kitty at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow.
    urgently required…


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