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September 16, 2019

Rubber band trail: One Minute Kitty Party Game

One-minute party game for your ladies kitty party

Today I am sharing another one-minute party game for your ladies kitty party. This is a simple game but becomes interesting when played with friends.

One-minute party game for your ladies kitty party

rubber trail one-minute party game for your ladies kitty party.


How to play this kitty party game

  • This is an individual game and you need to call the members one by one to play the game.
  • The challenge is to make a trail using rubber bands and safety pins.
  • This is a one minute game and the player, who makes a longer trail in one minute will be the winner.

This game can be played as an individual game as well as a team game. To play it as a team game, you can keep it turn by turn like member 1 will put rubber band, member 2 will add safety pin, member 3 will add a rubber band and so on.

The team which makes the longest trail of rubber bands and safety pins will be the winner.

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