One Minute Kitty Party Game : Ball Stop


Today I am sharing an interesting one minute kitty party game, ball stop. As the name suggests this game is to be played with balls. This is a simple game, but it creates a great fun when played with friends in the kitty party.

Ball Stop : One Minute Kitty Party Game

one minute kitty party games

Things required

For this one minute kitty party game, you need small balls, a table and a stop watch. Keep the table in the playing area and incline it bit and make sure there is a small rim in your table end.

How to Play

Call your kitty party members one by one to play this game in the playing area. If you have too many members, it is always recommended to divide them into teams and call one member from each team to play a game. This saves your time and also, it becomes easier to manage the things.

Make the player stand on one end of the table and give her the balls. The challenge for the member is to slide the balls on the table in a manner that it stops in the end rim of the table. When the table is smooth and inclined the balls usually fall down the table and the challenge is to stop the balls. This is a minute to win it game and thus, the players will get only one minute to complete the challenge. The player who manages to keep the maximum number of balls at the end rim of the table will be the winner. You can also keep a set target for the players for a minute and failure to complete the challenge will result in the elimination of the member.

Hope the one minute kitty party game above is clear enough to all my readers, but if you have any doubt, feel free to leave your comment below in the comment box.


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