One Minute Fun Game: Penny Hose

one minute fun game

Penny Hose is again a very popular minute to win it game and is best suitable for all age groups. It is a One minute fun game and thus the players get a minute to complete the challenge.

One Minute Fun Game with PantyHose

one minute fun game

In this challenge, two coins are kept at the end of two legs in a pantyhose and the player has to reach the coins in one minute and take them out. The player cannot use one arm to help another. The game seems to be easy, but it is not at all easy to get into the pantyhose without any help.

If you are planning this game in your ladies kitty party, then you can check the minimum time a member takes to get the coins out of the pantyhose. The member who takes the minimum time will be declared as the winner. Pantyhose is available in different sizes and so make sure that you select the correct size of hose according to the age group you are playing the game with. For example, if you are planning this game in your kids birthday party take the pantyhose of small size so that the kids hands can reach the coins and if you are playing it in any of your office parties or Christmas party, you can take the full size pantyhose.

Do let me know if you have any kind of doubts in this one minute funny game with pantyhose or in any other games in my website Kitty Groups Online. I am right here to help you out with your party ideas and games. Also feel free to ask if you need any help on organizing a theme party, kids birthday party or ladies kitty party.

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  1. have you made any housie tickets for christmas and new year. please reply soon i am having my christmas party in the 1st week of december and i would like to play housie. if you have designed any tickets please send me a mail. thanks u

  2. I plan to have a couple kitty on 12 October 2016
    Please advice some good theme and 3 good and naughty game
    Will be a help and fun too
    Few images of themes will be also helpful


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