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One Minute Bollywood Party Game: Smile Plz

Today I am sharing an one minute Bollywood Party Game for your kitty party. However, you can also play it as an office party game, birthday party game or a game in your family outings.

One Minute Bollywood Party Game

Guess the actresses with their smiles

one minute game kitty party games


  1. Preity Zinta
  2. Bipasha Basu
  3. Kareena Kapoor
  4. Anushka Sharma
  5. Aishwarya Rai
  6. Madhuri Dikshit
  7. Deepika Padukone
  8. Vidhya Balan
  9. Priyanka Chopra

Guess the actors with their smilesone minute game kitty party


  1. Akshay Kumar
  2. Anil Kapoor
  3. Ranbeer Kapoor
  4. Aamir Khan
  5. Madhavan
  6. Ranvir Singh
  7. Hrithik Roshan
  8. Shahid Kapoor
  9. Ajay Devgan

Things Required

  • Printouts of the sheet shown above
  • Pens

How To Play One Minute Bollywood Party Game

  • Get big posters done for the images shown above and paste them at a certain height in your kitty party hall.
  • It is a one minute game and thus every member gets a minute to win this game.
  • Ask every team to send one of their members to see the poster pasted on the wall and the member has to see the images, go back to the team and tell them to write the name of actor and actresses.
  • You can also play it as an individual game in your kitty party where you have to give one sheet to each member and they have to guess the correct answers in one minute.
  • Pasting the posters on wall is a nice idea as it may be a bit difficult for the members to guess the answers from a distance.

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    1. Answers for Actress
      Preity Zinta
      Bipasha Basu
      Kareena Kapoor
      Anushka Sharma
      Aishwarya Rai
      Madhuri Dikshit
      Deepika Padukone
      Vidhya Balan
      Priyanka Chopra

      Answers for Actors

      Akshay Kumar
      Anil Kapoor
      Ranbeer Kapoor
      Aamir Khan
      Ranvir Singh
      Hrithik Roshan
      Shahid Kapoor
      Ajay Devgan

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