New Year Party Games : You Win If You Have Nothing


Check out the latest New Year Party Games for couples. This is a very interesting game and it won’t be wrong if I call it a best game for large groups. You can easily play this game with large groups and the best part is that you do not need to do much homework for this. This game can be played with individuals as well as with couples. What I mean is that you can arrange this party game for your ladies kitty parties, office parties, couple kitty parties or even in the large group new year parties.

New Year Party Games For Couples

new year party games for couples

To play this game you need to make some 25-30 taglines and need to get too many candies. You can take cadbury gems for  this game. Make the guests sit in couples and distribute 20-20 gems to each couples. You can increase or decrease the number of taglines and candies accordingly. You can also play it as children games for parties but do remember to change the questions accordingly.

Now when you are done with the distribution you will start reading the taglines and the couple who fits in the tagline will have to eat one candy or gem whatever you have. The couple having the maximum number of candies left on their table will be the winner of this game. This is one of the best new year party games for couples.

You will read the lines like-

Eat a candy if you-

  1. Have a red purse(for wife)
  2. Are wearing more than 3 rings
  3. have a son older than 13 yrs
  4. have a daughter less than 5 yrs
  5. are wearing matching colours (husband and wife)
  6. have big nails (for wife)
  7. are married for more than 20 yrs
  8. are married for less than 3 yrs
  9. are wearing glass bangles (for wife)
  10. are wearing a belt (for husband)
  11. have an age gap more than 4 yrs
  12. have an age gap less than 2 yrs
  13. wearing a pearl necklace(for wife)
  14. wearing a black shirt( for husband)
  15. Wearing matching shoes ( wife or husband)
  16. having no grey hairs visible (wife and husband)
  17. having nails painted (for wife)
  18. don’t have more than 3 1000 rs note
  19. wearing a dark lipstick ( for wife)
  20. not wearing socks

The taglines can be anything which goes well with your guests in the party and also the number of candies and questions can be decreased or increased accordingly. I hope your search for new year party games for couples will end here with this game.

I hope I am clear with the game above. If you have any doubt regarding the game or any other new year party games for couples you can always leave a comment below in the comment box. I am right here to solve your queries.

Have fun.




  1. Hi shiwangi nice game . I will orgnise a picnic on next sunday please you wil give some out door game for children and ladies or couple
    game and also new idea for picnic tambola


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