My Husband Is: Fun Paper Game For Ladies

fun party game for ladies

Hello ladies, today I am going to share a wonderful and fun paper game for ladies which we played in a kitty party today. It was a very simple yet very funny party game. The game is to write some words for your husband from the letters A-Z and trust me friends it was so difficult to find correct words for husband in one minute.

Fun Paper Game For Ladies Fun Paper Game For Ladies

Things Required

Plain papers and pens

How To Play

  • Give one plain paper and a pen to each lady in the party.
  • Ask them to write the adjectives for their husbands from A-Z.
  • They can’t write two occupations, for example if you write you husband is a Boxer for B, you can’t write your husband is a Doctor for D.
  • The member who writes all A-Z adjectives in one minute will be the winner.

If you want to make it a bit tougher, you can add another column in the game sheet, I am- where again the ladies have to write adjectives for themselves from A-Z in one minute. Fun Paper Game For Ladies

The image above shows are the answers I wrote. I took more than 2 minutes though :P. This is a very nice game to be played with a large group of ladies and the best thing is that you don’t need anything to arrange this game.


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