Janmashtami Tambola Tickets For Sale

janmashtami tambola tickets

Hello friends, the Janmashtami Tambola Ticket are now out for sale. Sharing three designs of Janmashtami Tambola Tickets. All of these tickets are available for Rs 10 per ticket.

Indian Festivals Tambola

This tambola ticket is based on Indian festivals and not specifically on Janmashtami. You can see we have covered various festivals like Navratri, Janmashtami, Raksha Bandhan in this ticket and thus it suits your Janmashtami theme kitty party too.

This one is specially designed for Janmashtami Theme kitty party and is available at Rs 10 per ticket. The dividends here are Yamuna Paar, Ma Yashoda, Handi Fod and Makhhan Handi. janmashtami tambola tickets

This is again a specially designed Janmashtami Tambola Ticket with the dividends like matki, bansuri, Kanha and Happy Janmashtami. These wonderfully designed tambola tickets are available at the price of Rs 15 per ticket plus shipping charges.

Please make a note that you have to order at least 10 tickets minimum. Do leave a comment down below in the comments section to place your order.



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