Janamashtami Game: Spot The Differences

Janamashtami Game Kitty Party

It is quite difficult to get some game on a mythological theme but I am still managing to get some game ideas for your Janamashtami Theme Kitty Party. Today I am sharing another one minute Janamashtami Game where ladies have to spot the differences in two pictures of Lord Krishna with his brother Balrama.

Janamashtami Game: Spot The Differences

Janamashtami Game Kitty Party

Things Required

  • Game sheet prints
  • Pens

How To Play

  • Get the printouts of the game sheet shown above.
  • Give one sheet to each member or each team as suits your kitty party.
  • The challenge here is to spot the differences in one minute.
  • The team or member who finds maximum differences in one minute will be the winner of this game.

The pictures have 15 differences, some of them are pretty clear and notable while some are very hidden and concealed. This might not be a very unique or interesting kitty party game, but then again as I said it is very tough to find games related to the mythological theme.

Check the answer sheet below to see the 15 differences in the images.

Answersjanamashtami game kitty party


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