How To Throw a Baby Shower

baby shower invitation ideas

How to throw a baby shower . Baby Shower is usually planned by someone who is not a relative and the reason behind is to avoid giving an impression that the family is planning the shower for presents. Usually close friends plan the baby shower party for the would-be mom and dad and make it a very special day for them. In short anyone who is close to the would-be mommy and daddy can throw a baby shower.

How To Throw Baby Showerhow to throw a baby shower

An ideal baby shower is a party where all friends of mum-to-be gather and have fun. The party is traditionally organized a couple of months before the baby is due.

You can make the shower as big or low-key as you like but it is always better to go with the preferences of mum-to-be, after it is her special day.

Usually held at home, the Baby Showers can be made special with some interesting baby shower games and a tasty brunch or dinner; whatever suits you and the guests. You can keep it at tea-time with light snacks or even make it a brunch party or can also plan a boys/girls night in. The idea basically is to make mm-to-be feel special.

How To Make Baby Shower Special

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas : Sending attractive and beautiful Baby Shower Invites is the first thing to make the party special. There are plenty of choice available in the online stores. Do not forget to invite all the close friends of would be mum and dad.

Baby Shower Decorations : Decorations are one of the most important part of any celebration. You can decorate the party hall with lovely baby posters, some cute nappies, baby bottles etc.

Baby Shower Games : Plan some good and interesting Baby Shower Games which may create fun and laughter in the party. You can try the one minute baby shower games or even the printable baby shower games to make the party even more special.

You can check my list of interesting baby shower games but my favorite ones include-

Pass the Pacifier

Tie the diaper before baby pees

Dirty Diaper Wins

Baby Shower Presents : Girls love presents and gifts, so make sure you and all your other friends bring some nice and suitable baby shower presents for the would be mommy. The best presents would include- baby essentials, baby blankets, cradle, breast pads for mum, baby clothes and may be some good gift vouchers of good online baby stores. It is always a good idea to ask the would-be mum about her choice and preferences.

These were some ideas which can help you make your friend’s baby shower a really special one. I guess this piece of writing may help you get an idea of how to throw a baby shower. Please hit the like button if you like my ideas on how to throw a baby shower and also feel free if you have more of such ideas for baby shower.




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