Holi Tambola Tickets : Colorful Tambola For Holi Kitty Party

holi tambola tickets

Holi Tambola Tickets . Holi is just around the corner and you might be surely looking for the holi theme tambola tickets for your holi theme kitty party. Here I am presenting the lovely holi tambola tickets best suitable for your ladies kitty parties as well as the couple kitty parties.

Holi Tambola Tickets

holi tambola tickets

The above image shows the all. It is a simple holi based tambola ticket where the dividends are divided with some interesting holi slogans. Apart from the four above mentioned tambola dividends you can also keep the other common ones like  “Early Five/seven”, “Blood Pressure” etc. The major dividends here will be the houses which will be called as ‘Happy Holi’ or ‘Holi Mubarak’.

Each dividend has four numbers and when these four numbers are cut the player can claim the dividend and the prize of course. These holi  tambola tickets are available for sale and are available in the packets of 25, 50 and 100 pieces. If you wan to buy these holi theme tambola tickets you can leave a comment below in the comment box.

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Happy Holi Gorgeous Ladies and Have Fun !


  1. Hi. I am interested in buying these tickets. Kindly give me the details and also would it be possible to get it by this month end only?

  2. hello seems very interesting
    i would lik to buy holi themed tambola tickets
    my requirement will be 100
    quote me ur best price
    i need them by 20thof march

    can u send me pics of other tickets for holi theme

    • Hello Sunita, glad to know that you liked my games and ideas, but very sorry we take orders at least for a week span. Today is 17th already and won’t be possible to send you the tickets by 20th.

  3. Good morning this is Elizabeth Carvalho here from Chembur, I am a Compere and I need the Hoile Theme Tambola Tickets. From where can I get them from tomorrow.

  4. Hello Snehakar though I am a bit late but would like to tell you that the handmade tickets are for Rs 50 per ticket and the printed ones are for Rs 10 per ticket. Shipping cost extra.


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