Fun Party Game For Couples– Dress The Mummy


fun party games for adults: This is a funny one minute party played with the tissue paper roll or you can say the toilet paper. This is one of the funniest party games I have ever played and I can say this because I have played this party game in one of my kitty parties. It was a huge fun. This could be well suitable for the party games for groups but it creates huge fun when played as couple party games or in ladies kitty parties. This is one of the super hit party games for Halloween Party.

You need two players for this game and if you have arranged your kitty party in two teams you can call two members from a team to play this interesting one minute fun party games for adults.

Yes it is a one minute game and the fun starts right from the time you start your stop watch.

To play this party game in your kitty party or a couple kitty parties you need just a few toilet paper rolls and a stop watch.

Fun party games for adults

fun party games for adults

How to play this fun party games for adults

Call two members from each team and give them a roll of toilet paper. It will be great fun if you call a couple from each team together. Given them each a toilet paper roll. Now as the time starts, one member has to cover the other member completely with the toilet paper just like a Mummy.

The couple which manages to dress the Mummy first will be the winner of this fun party games for adults.

If you liked this fun party games for adults please do share it and also let me know if you selected it for your kitty party. Don’t forget to tell me how was the game in your kitty party and if it created fun or not.

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