Funny Game For Christmas Party

funny game for Christmas party

While browsing over the web I came across this funny game for Christmas party and couldn’t resist sharing it here on my blog. I am enlisting it in the list of Funny Christmas Party Games but you can play it in any of your parties with a big group. I am very much sure that the gram will bring a great fun and humour in your party.

Funny Game For Christmas Party

funny game for Christmas party

For this game you need many funny clothing items like bikins, shortpants, blouses, tops, denims, undies, bras, skrits and much more. Put them all in a garbage bag and play it in the form of Hot Potato Party Game. Make all of your guests sit in a circle and start passing the garbage bag with music. When the music stops the person having the garbage bag will take out one piece of cloth and wear it. The music starts again and the garbage bag starts passing again. The game will proceed in this manner until the bag is empty that means the game will end when all the cloths in the bag are gone. The winner will be a person with least number of clothings on him/her.

It will be a great fun to see men wearing the women clothing items and women wearing men’s. Just imagine how hilarious it would be to see a man wearing a bra or a skirt. To increase the fun, don’t disclose the rule that person with least clothes will win. Let everyone wear the clothes and play the game and announce your criteria in the end. It is indeed a very entertaining and funny game for Christmas party.

I hope I am clear with the game but if you have any doubt in this game or any other party games in my website, do let me know via comments in  the comment box. Also feel free to share if you have any ideas of funny party game for Christmas party of any other festive occasions.


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