Funny Couple Party Game :Kiss Your Partner

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If you are looking for some simple yet funny couple party game, this post will surely end up your search. This is a very simple game for couples but trust me creates a great fun and laughter in the party. The best part is that you do not need to do any homework for this game. Just call the couples and start the game.

You can play  this game with one couple at a time or you can also call everyone to the playing area to play this game. The game is sheer fun whether you call the couples one by one or everyone at a time.

Funny Couple Party Game

funny couple party game

Call the couple in the playing area and ask the wife to take out her lipstick. The host however should carry a few lipsticks. Give her the lipstick if she doesn’t have one. The game is to kiss your partner on face as many times as you can. The lipstick marks should be clearly visible on the face. Only complete lips mark visible will e counted. The couple with maximum number of lipstick mark will e declared as the winner of this funny couple party game.

The players will get a minute to win it. Wife can apply the lipstick as many time as she want but she will be wasting her time by doing so. Make it clear that they will get only one minute to complete the challenge of kissing. Also make sure that the wives use dark lipsticks because the light lipsticks won’t leave impression on husband’s face.

I hope I am clear with the funny couple party game above, but if you have any doubt, feel free to leave a comment below in the comment box. Also share the game with your friends if you feel like.



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